Yankho in the Government Sector

Yankho online will revolutionize the way government sectors conduct their operations Yankho online caters for bids, prequalification documentation, and quotations and provides a platform for a number of other services such as:


Yankho online can be used to post adverts in order to eliminate the multitude of paper submissions that are received. Yankho will allow for the reviewers to review, comment, and grade applications online. This increases the level of accountability with recruiters and allows for the users to see all applicant review information on the system

  1. Applications are posted onto the jobs section of Yankho with key questions for easy filtration of candidates
  2. QR code and URL link are generated and placed into the advertisement
  3. The advert is posted on desired platforms by the applicant (newspapers/ social media)
  4. Applicants scan the QR code or follow the link and are taken to Yankho platform
  5. Applicants are required to fill in and attach all required documentation
  6. Reviewers are able to see the submissions and review and leave comments
  7. Once candidates are shortlisted automated emails can be sent from Yankho to the applicant for further instructions

E- Procurement

Using Yankho Online for E-procurement will result in transparent spending, it eradicates theft and misuse of public resources and increases accountability within the procurement department. It also aids in reducing errors, standardized buying, and increasing transaction speed.

  1. The users will be able to identify material and service needs
  2. Evaluate potential suppliers
  3. Select Suppliers they wish to obtain the goods and services from
  4. Specify purchase requirements and continuously measure and manage supplier information
  5. Pay on the system
  6. Receive goods with a digital footprint for future reference


The manual tender process is long, tiresome, and costly. Yankho online eliminates all these factors. You will be able to advertise tenders online as well as receive and submit tender-related information. It is efficient, responses remain secure and privileged and it reduces the overall cost of the entire process

  1. Yankho will generate a unique login required link to enable pre-qualification and registration
  2. A public invitation is the created o the system and advertised to the public
  3. Final tenders will then need to be submitted onto the system
  4. Once the tender is closed the evaluation process can be done on the system and each tender reviewed and given a score
  5. Once the appropriate tender has been selected an automated email can be sent to invite the user for a formal signing
  6. The document can then be archived on the system for future reference

Project membership registration and recruitment

Membership and registration forms can be completed on Yankho online, it will allow forms to be digitalized which is cheaper than having to print hard copies, it will also faster, easier to follow up, and convenient for the user and administrator. Should the forms require payment the payment can be made on Yankho before the forms are submitted for review

  1. The institution will be able to create their application form on Yankho
  2. The form is then saved
  3. Yankho will generate a QR code and URL link which can be added to the call for applications advertisement
  4. Applicants will be required to scan the QR code or follow the link
  5. The link will take them to the Yankho platform where they will be required to fill in and attach all relevant documentation
  6. Upon filling in the form the applicants will be required to pay the application form fee before successfully submitting it (should a fee be required)
  7. The admissions team will then be able to review the applications, by filtering them they will avoid having to open applicants who do not meet the requirements
  8. Once the successful applications have been selected Yankho will enable the admissions team to send out automated emails with further instructions


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