Yankho will enable you to keep track of all your subscriptions, forms can be generated and filled in on the system and billing can occur continuously through the platform via Card/Airtel Money or TNM Mpamba. Automated emails can be generated to remind your customers to renew their subscriptions, and policies before they expire.


Yankho will enable associations to provide membership application forms that can be filled in on the system for individuals who are interested in becoming part of the association.

  1. The association will be able to create their application form on Yankho
  2. The form is then saved
  3. Yankho will generate a QR code and URL link which can be added to the call for applications advertisement
  4. Applicants will be required to scan the QR code or follow the link
  5. The link will take them to the Yankho platform where they will be required to fill in and attach all relevant documentation
  6. Upon filling in the form the applicants will be required to pay the application form fee before successfully submitting it (should a fee be required)
  7. The association will then be able to review the applications, by filtering them they will avoid having to open applicants who do not meet the requirements
  8. Once the successful applications have been selected Yankho will enable the admissions team to send out automated emails with further instructions

Yankho enables you to bill your policy holders on the system, it will send automated emails once payments are due reminding the customer to pay, they will be able to log into the system and pay immediately.

  1. Once the applicant/user is ready to submit their application
  2. Yankho will redirect them to a payment platform
  3. They will be required to enter payer details
  4. They will have the choice to pay by Card, Airtel money, or TNM Mpamba
  5. Payment is processed immediately
  6. The applicant/ user can finalize the submission of the application


Yankho Online
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