Yankho online can be used to post adverts in order to eliminate the multitude of paper submissions that are received. Yankho will allow for the reviewers to review, comment and grade applications online. This increases the level of accountability with recruiters and allows for the users to see all applicant review information on the system


  1. Applications are posted onto the jobs section of Yankho with key questions for easy filtration of candidates
  2. QR code and URL link are generated and placed into the advertisement
  3. Advert is posted on desired platforms by the applicant (newspapers/ social media)
  4. Applicants scan the QR code or follow the link and are taken to Yankho platform
  5. Applications are filled in and submitted
  6. Reviewers are able to see the submissions and review and leave comments
  7. Once candidates are shortlisted automated emails can be sent from Yankho to the applicant for further instructions

Using Yankho Online for E-procurement will result in transparent spending, and increase accountability within the procurement department. It also aids in reducing errors, standardized buying and increasing the transaction speed


  1. The users will be able to identify material and service needs
  2. Evaluate potential suppliers
  3. Select Suppliers they wish to obtain the goods and services from
  4. Specify purchase requirements and continuously measure and manage supplier information
  5. Pay on the system
  6. Receive goods with a digital footprint for future reference

Yankho forms can be used for data collection and storage, Yankho will enable your organizations to easily collect information and filter it to fit the criteria required.


  1. The organization will be able to create a form with all the relevant information they would like to collect
  2. The form is saved and a URL link and QR code will be generated
  3. The links can then be distributed to the relevant individuals
  4. The individuals will be able to scan the QR code or follow the link, fill in the required information and submit the form
  5. The submission will appear on the system and the users will be able to review the information


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